Fresh Bites


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Milk Oats with toppings 300gm jar =850rs, Milk Oats without topping 250gm jar =650rs, Chicken Oats with chicken chunks =1050rs, Chicken Oats without chicken chunks =850rs, Mix fruit jar =650rs, Macaroni salad =850rs, Chicken peas salad =850rs, Vegetable salad with tuna =1250rs, Vegetable salad with chicken =1050rs, Vegetable salad simple =650rs, Fruit yogurt with fruit chunks =1050rs, Fruit yogurt without fruit chunks =850rs, Brownie bites without toppings =850rs, Brownie bites with any toppings =1050rs, Fruit trifle =850rs, Plain custard =500rs, Coconut delights =1050rs, Pudding =1050rs, Fresh cream macaronis =850rs, Pasta =1050rs, Macaroni (chicken & veggies) =850rs, Spaghetti =850rs, Mix fruit in fresh cream =1050rs


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